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We will provide insurance filing with patients who are covered by dental insurance. We are happy to file your dental claims to your primary insurance company though we ask that you read your policy to be sure that you are fully aware of any limitations of the benefits provided. It is our goal to help you obtain the insurance benefits you are entitled. We file only primary and secondary dental insurance. Our goal is to aid you in receiving your maximum insurance benefits for quality dentistry. In order for our office to accomplish this goal we need complete insurance information from you, this would include a dental insurance card. Please keep us advised of any changes in your insurance coverage, address, phone numbers or marital status.

Payment is expected at the time of service. ​ We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and Care Credit. If you are covered by dental insurance we can estimate what we expect your insurance to cover and collect from you only the amount we expect you to owe after insurance payment. If insurance pays less than we estimate you will be billed for the difference, if insurance pays more than we estimate we will issue a reimbursement. You will receive a statement from our office each month even though you have paid your estimated portion. This allows you to stay aware of the status of your account. We allow 60 days for the insurance to pay their portion of your claim. If after 60 days it has not been paid we add finance charges to your account. It is important for you to contact us if there is a problem with your account or your insurance.


  1. ​Please download forms by clicking on "New Patient Form Button" or "Existing Patient Update Forms"
  2. Fill out form prior to your appointment
  3. Please bring to appointment.  This will save you time at your visit!